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For the Dutch ceramist Lucie Wolfs we recently created a new website:
showing a selection of her beautiful artworks.
Another link to a Dutch website. In remembrance of wildlife artist Walty Dudok van Heel (1959 - 2009), we created www.walty.nl
Don't care about reading, go for her famous watercolours of animals in motion:
Keramiekmuseum Het Princessehof
A very attractive museum in a formar palace in Leeuwarden specialized in earthenware and ceramics:


It may look a challenge, but reading Dutch is not that difficult. Anyway we would like to show you our other website: serviezendomein.nl
Even if you don't understand a word, there are many pictures of fabulous Dutch earthenware:

Is collecting your passion? This page will help you collecting knowledge. That is, we will show you the way to websites and weblogs we think are worth sharing.

Do you use a link to leave our website, we hope to see you soon back again at dutch-art-and-design-sites.com

Thank you for visiting us.

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